Business Goal Coaching Questionnaire

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It's lonely at the top. For this reason, perhaps no one can benefit more from the services of a qualified coach than a business owner. As a successful business owner and entrepreneur myself, I can collaborate with you to design ways of getting more out of your business for you!

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Some Questions for you....

1. Where do you want your business to be one year from now? Three? Five?

2. What are the 3 biggest challenges you are facing right now?

Can you see ways coaching could improve matters?

3. If you had more time in your day, what new source of revenue would you focus on?

Can you see how a coach can help?

4. If you used a business coach to stay focused, what are the chances that you'd make more money?

5. What to you is the most important change you want to make in how you run your business?

6. What's getting in the way of the success you know is possible in your business?

7. Are you leaving opportunities on the table because you're too busy running your business?

8. Is your business getting in the way of your personal and family life?

Can working with a coach help here?

9. What is the obvious next step for your business?

10. Is your business ready to sell today, should you want to?

Hiring a skilled business coach for business coaching services can make a huge contribution to your success!

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