Real World Life Coaching Scenarios

(Client permission was obtained for all scenarios below and in addition all identifying details have been altered for privacy.)


Profession-Specific Populations from My Recent and Present Caseload:

Although this a varied group of individuals from different professional domains there are similarities within this population that are very similar—and manageable through my performance coaching strategies.

Performing Arts- Self Sabotaging

Concert pianist- 15 year history experiencing anxiety and panic while performing solo on stage resulting in more frequent wrong notes Classical singer- panics when thinking of upcoming holiday performances
Saxophone player- recent fear of success is leading to lowered self-esteem
Actor- freezing up and failing to commit lines to memory while being auditioned for leading role

Business Professionals- Performance Anxiety

Prosecuting attorney- fear of speaking in court before a judge and jury
Senior managing partner- public speaking anxiety after a long-awaited recent promotion
CFO- increased feelings of “overwhelm” lead to poor performance, job stress, and possibly eventual job loss
Banking Vice President- after recently being laid off, this client experienced feelings of deep insecurity over having to interview for new prospective employers
Accountant- this client needed to be considered for promotion and came to me to gain confidence for a heightened executive presence
Circuit speaker- after booking numerous high profile venues this client experienced fears related to public speaking and began to avoid tasks at hand

Sports- Loss of Competitive Edge

Swimmer tracked for Olympics- anxiety before race led to a disqualifying injury
University student with sport’s scholarship- intense pressure almost led to this client’s ouster from the team
Equestrian- crippling fear on the final run led to this client’s horse pulling up short
In demand tennis player- during a competition this client caved under pressure


Medical school applicant- this client would not begin preparing for cross-country interviews with the prestigious schools she applied to due to anxiety and low self-esteem
High school student- a former solid student is not doing as well on his tests as he is capable of because of test-taking anxiety. Recently he failed a very important exam that may impact his ability to get into the college he wants to go to.
College senior- recent lack of focus and ability to stay organized and on task may ruin his chances to pass class he needs credit for in order to graduate.

High-risk professionals

Cardiac surgeon- escalating stress and career burnout led to his being referred to my coaching practice to address potentially life-threatening behavior both personally and as it relates to his patients.
Police officer- Traumatic on the job interactions and the legal ramifications she faces led to this client increasing self-doubt, high-anxiety, and dulling of decision-making abilities.

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